Machinery and tools for bakeries and pastry

  • <span>Machines breadsticks, grissini...</span>

    Machines breadsticks, grissini...

  • <span>Machines breadsticks, grissini and snack for soft dough</span>

    Machines breadsticks, grissini and snack for soft dough

  • <span>Packinging systems for small productions</span>

    Packinging systems for small productions

  • <span>Fabrication of stainless steel trays</span>

    Fabrication of stainless steel trays

  • <span>Technology and performance</span>

    Technology and performance

  • Machinery


    From year 1959 we dedicated ourselves to the manufacture of complementary machines of the bakery, such as sticks shapers, doughnouts shapers, biscuits shapers, packing-dosage machines.

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  • Online shop

    Online shop

    You could find a wide range of machineries and equipments for bakery and confectionery by visiting our online shop.

  • Catalog


    Click here to download our catalog with a wide range of obrador equipment and accessories for Bakery and Confectionery.

Online shop

Little by little we are expanding and improving our website, a simple shop to handle but with much content, trays for bakery, pastry, small- range equipment and a whole world of tools and molds.


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